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Dear Better Sex Guide,

I am looking for dominatrix services in Edgware, I have recently started a new job in Edgware and I am really struggling to find dominatrix services. Before working in Edgware I used to date a really great dominatrix service in Mayfair and this was provided by a Mayfair escort agency. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find the same service here in Edgware through any of the local Edgware escorts agencies. Perhaps the service is not available at all in Edgware. My routine used to be to finish work on a Friday night and visit with my local dominatrix service. It would be nice to have the same routine here in Edgware if that would be possible. Thank you for your help. Mr Whiplash

Dear Mr Whiplash,

Thank you very much for your email and I am happy to be able to tell you that we can help. There is indeed an Edgware escorts service which offers a dominatrix like http://cityofeve.com/edgware-escorts. If you follow the links on this page you will be taken to an agency in Edgware which has a really good reputation. The dominatrix who works for the agency is very experienced and I am sure that you will enjoy her service.

Take a closer look and you will find that this particular Edgware escorts agency also offers other services including duo dating and a full range of massage services. We have spoken to the owner and he assures us that all of his ladies are very professional and have considerable experience in escorting and looking after gents such as yourself. I know that it is not always easy to find the escorting service that you need around London as agencies are not permitted to advertise to any greater extend. This is why it is essential in most cases to turn to the Internet to find the service that you are looking for in and around London.

Of course, it is not only Edgware escorts who are plagued by this problem. It affects all agencies around the UK and London, many of them are not allowed to advertise in local papers and publications. It is a real shame because so many escorts agencies up and down the UK provide such as excellent service. Services outside the London area are often very cost effective and I am sure that more gents would use them if they were aware of them. As it stands a lot of gents struggle to find local escorts services.

There are several excellent Edgware escorts services and together they offer a range of services. You will be able to find anything from dating with duo escorts to dating for couples. All you need to do is to look up the service online and put in the name of your town or London borough. The details of the agency will be displayed straight away and you will be able to find yourself a sexy companion for the evening or just a few hours on Friday night.

London Escorts Girls

If you are looking for something a little bit more risky or exotic you need to check out some of the top class London escorts agencies like http://cityofeve.com/. London escorts seem to have the passion for the more exotic, and If you are really serious about trying something different, you should be dating London escorts.

I am really into different kinds of pleasure, and I like to try something new every time, and this is the reasons why I always use London escorts agencies. London escorts are willing to experiment and play in many different ways. More than likely, you will come across some very passionate London escorts when you start dating here.

Let me tell you a little bit about London escorts so that you get some idea of the girls that work here in London.


london escorts
sexy london escorts

Pussy can be a real hot little pussy cat, and when she is not escorting, she collects sex toys. She probably has one of the most amazing collections of sex toys in London, and she just loves to demonstrate them to you.

Pussy has been collecting sex toys for a very long time, and one entire room of her apartment has now been taken over by her collection. You can go into the room but you cannot touch, only Pussy can demonstrate the toys to you. Some of the toys that she has on display I have never seen before, and a lot of them I wouldn’t have clue what to do with. It is exciting and kind of frightening at the same time.

I know that Pussy is just an erotic and sexy companion but sometimes it feels like she is the mistress of kink. She just loves to show off those little toys to you, and with Pussy you never know what to expect.


Elana is a very classy Canadian escorts who speaks fluent French. Her favorite hobby is to collect porn movies, and she probably has the biggest porn movie library that you will ever see. I don’t know if she speaks any other languages than French and English but her porn movies are from all over the world.

Some of the movies are quite innocent, others are very erotic indeed and many border on serious kink. Elana has never been in a porn movie but she would love to direct porn movies. Her big dream is to have her own porn movie production company so that she could make her own brand of porn movies.

She says that all her porn movies would be really hot and contain some of the best erotic action on the planet. Well, as Elana is a very hot lady herself, I bet her movies would be just like her – sticky like honey and sweet as anything that you have ever experienced.

Well, like I said – some London girls do have some exotic hobbies and tastes. If you are not doing anything this afternoon or evening – perhaps you would like to pop down and meet some of the girls. That is, if you dare

What Uniform Would You Like?

Escorts like to dress up, and they all have different uniforms that they like to wear. My friend Maria who works as part of a team of Mayfair escorts likes to dress up as a police woman. Another friend of mine who is a member of a Canary Wharf team of escorts, likes to be a naughty nurse and Sascha, who is a member of the escorts gang known as the East Enders, likes nothing better to put on her dominatrix gear and crack the whip. These are just some of the many different uniform and outfits escorts from http://charlotteaction.org/ like to wear.

I was actually a bit curious as to why they had selected their different uniforms, or shall we say, outer personas. Personally, I don’t mind dressing up a little bit but I never go over the top. My favorite outfit, that my husband likes anyway, is a French maid’s outfit which I wear on special occasions.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to interview the girls to find out why they enjoyed dressing up in different outfits.

Police woman Maria

Maria, why do you like dressing up as a police woman, or police lady? Well, I don’t really know but I think it might have something to do that I was stopped by the police so much when I first started driving. It was just one of those things, I did not seem to be able to get my foot of the gas, and I just kept the pedal down to the floor all the time.

I kept getting stopped, and it was always a police lady who stepped me. Now, I am AC/DC so I like men just as much as I like being with women, and wearing the police woman’s uniform sort turns me on I guess. I just to love the way they sort out of lent into the car, and told me off firmly but gently.

As a matter of fact, my first lesbian encounter was with a police woman and I suppose that is one of the reasons I like to wear the uniform.

I have my own variation of the uniform, and I wear hot pants and thigh high boots. Not having the longest legs in the world, I think it makes me look really great.

Suzi Naughty Nurse

I always wanted to be a nurse as I like to take care of people. The problem was that my grades at school just were not good enough, and I just really crashed and burned at exams. In the end I sort gave up, and decided to join a team of escorts instead. I actually still feel like a nurse, and I love looking after my dates.

A lot of my regular dates our business men, and they do suffer very badly from stress. I spend a lot of time just slowing them down with a nice massage, and helping them to relax with little sweet finishes here, there and everywhere. Escorting is such a personal business and I feel that as a nurse I can help these guys, and I just love my job to bits.

Many of my dates seem to like the naughty nurse, and I am more than happy to be their own naughty nurse.

I have been desperately trying to get hold of Sascha for a chat, but at the moment her dating schedule is pretty full but I hope we will be able to have a chat to Sascha at a later date.

Introduction To Motor Rally

Motor rallies draw challenges between speed, consistency and driving skills. This heart-pounding adrenaline-pumping sport is more concern on how you’ll finish in a balance of speed and style. It’s different from paved racetracks; rally drivers have incredible wheel control in dodging trees, blocks, and fences while driving on loose gravel, sand, and sometimes with snow and ice. Here are few basic things you need to know about motor rallying.

1. You cannot win in one day. Races are spread out stages that consist of challenging roads.

2. Your crew is as important as the driver and the car. They will decide which type of tires and quick fixes to get you going on each stage.

3. Know the rules. Each sport has specific rules and regulations to keep everything in order and safe. Although it’s an understatement to say that this is a safe sport, the rule book keeps everyone in check. It’ll also guide you about the specifications and car classes that are allowed to be used in the race.

4. There are age limits for drivers, but for younger drivers, there are junior rallies.

5. Rally courses are not your typical asphalt race tracks. Safety is everyone’s priority and be prepared for anything, from gravel, dirt roads, snow, and torrential rain.

6. Safety is not just about wearing seatbelts and helmets. There are special race driver seats, and safety gear that are required whether you’re the driver or part of the crew.

7. It’s not just about speed. Motor rally course consists of technically difficult turns. Pacenotes are important secret tools that can guide driver through the course. It will allow drivers prepare through each turn of the course, and plan ahead on which speed and technique they should use.

Not everyone has the heart to endure through rally stages. It requires advance skills and extensive practice to drive through technically challenging tracks. For those who are interested in joining, get into a racing school or rally club. Most of them offer lessons for beginner drivers on easy closed circuit tracks that can help with the familiarization on how races work; pacing notes and what’s life is like on the steering wheel.

For parents who support their children’s hobby or interest on motor rallies, check out a rally club in person. Also encourage your teenager to explore other clubs to see the differences and get an initial introduction on the racing culture of its members. Race driving schools often offer introductory 1-5 day rally courses, and driver’s guide to the motorsport. This will help your teen get hold of the basics –braking in turns, skid controls, and accident avoidance skills. He or she can also volunteer first to get to know what it’s like as a crew. Likewise, parents are part of the team as well. It’ll require joint effort; time and coordination with your driver to get familiarize on each rally course, gauge by skills and pacenotes if it’s within his or her level, and ensure everything is good with the crew.

There are also technical seminars about building race cars and safety standards. For everyone in the team, including the driver, it’s important to know about OK and SOS signal systems you can use in the race. Apart from that, it’s also important to know about car parts reviews from fellow drivers, and which ones are counterfeit car products. If you really want to get your engine running check out charlotteaction.org .