Sex lessons From the Past and Present

What has sex taught us since it became more mainstream? Here at the Better Sex offices we spend a lot of time talking about sex, and we have a special panel of South London escorts who helps us to evaluate sex ideas and writing topics. It is nice to be able to draw on the expertise of South London escorts and porn stars to be able to review products, and new techniques.So, what has sex taught us over the last 100 years or what have we learned from sex? This is a really interesting topic, and I am sure that if we asked ten South London escorts we would end up with ten different answers.Anyway, I sat down with my panels of South London escorts and over a coffee and the most delicious bagels ever, and we discussed what sex has taught us over the last 100 years.

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Sex is everywhere

My South London escorts and I have been working together for a long time, so we are comfortable discussing a wide range of topics. Nothing is really taboo with us, and we actually quite enjoy our chosen topic.

Better Health

Dr. Annie Bliss who used to work as part of a team of South London escorts, said that she thought sex had brought us better health. We have finally come to appreciate that there is a link between sex and better health.Doctors have now finally realized that a healthy sex life is good for us, and can even help us to deal with stress. People that have sex on a regular basis have lower blood pressure, and men who have a lot of sex enjoy better prostate health. Sex seems to have become accepted as a natural part of life, and we don’t shy away from it anymore. We talk about it a bit more than we used to, and we may even enjoy reading a sexy novel or two.


We have also learned that sex sells, and a lot of our adverts are now very sexually orientated. As a matter of fact, a lot of porn stars and South London escorts enter our homes this way with even out us knowing. They appear in TV adverts being sexy with chocolate and yogurt, and we really don’t appreciate that these girls are porn stars and South London escorts. So quite often sex and porn is part of our daily lives, and we have only just begun to appreciate that.


We have also learned from South London escorts that it is okay to enjoy sex. Sex is meant to be fun and enjoyed, and we now see it as a way of playing with each other. We have learned from movies and books with sex scenes in them that it is okay to try different things, and explore our reactions to them. If we enjoy something we may want to try it again.I am sure that in the future we will learn a lot more about sex, and appreciate the lessons that good sex can teach us.

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